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Competitive Video Gaming

Las Vegas City Schools began an ESports Competitive Video Gaming team in 2018. This is a New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) sanctioned activity in which schools all around New Mexico competite against each other with the ultimate goal of becoming State Champions.

Why ESports?

ESports are co-ed, inclusive to anybody who can use a computer and engage students who might not otherwise participate in extracurricular activities. Currently, hundreds of colleges and universities offer tens of millions of dollars in ESports scholarship money. That number grows substantially every year as more and more schools spin up ESports programs. STEM-related skills are crucial to any ESports athlete: deep engagement with computer technology, statistical analysis for scouting, and strategizing pre-match and mid-match.

DEADLINE: Sign up for ESports by Nov. 12th with Mr. Lewis at the middle school or Mrs. Lewis at the high school. Everyone is welcome. Must be over 13 to compete on the team during the season.



ESports Coach

Margaret Lewis

Ty Lewis