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The Las Vegas City Schools' perception of a quality education starts with the personnel. With knowledgeable teachers and well trained administrators the district is able to provide an essential learning base to meet the needs of our students. The personnel is made of diverse individuals that bring a variety of learning techniques to challenge even the brightest minds in our district.

Application Forms

Professional (Administrator, Director, Teacher, Ancillary, Librarian)

Classified (Educational Assistant, Secretary, Coach, Maintenance, Custodian, Food Service, Security Guard, Bus Driver, Nurse, Business Office)

Substitute Teachers

Job Descriptions
The Las Vegas City Schools is an equal opportunity employer. The job descriptions identify general responsibilities and are not intended to be a complete list of all duties performed. The documents are subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes, and unforeseen events.

Memorial Middle School (MMS) Robertson High School (RHS)

Superintendent of Schools; Director of Curriculum & Instruction; Director of Support Services; Director of Special Education; Director of Bilingual/Federal Programs; Finance Director; Principal-RHS; Principal-MMS; Assistant Principal-MMS; Principal-Elementary; Teacher; Music Teacher-Elem.; Guidance Counselor-RHS; Counselor-MMS; Counselor-Elem.; Social Worker; Social Worker-Early Intervention; Occupational Therapist; Speech Pathologist; School Psychologist; Physical Therapist; Librarian/Media Specialist-RHS; Librarian/Media Coordinator-MMS; Coaches; Administrative Aide to Superintendent; Administative Aide to Director of Curriculum & Instruction; Systems Operator/Secretary; Payroll Clerk; Operational Bookkeeper; Federal Programs Bookkeeper; Activities Bookkeeper/Insurance; Bilingual/Federal Programs Secretary; Mail/Receiving Clerk/Receptionist; Administrative Secretary-RHS; Athletic Secretary; ADS/Attendance Clerk; Secretary-MMS; Secretary-Elem.; Counselor's Secretary-MMS; Teacher Aide-Special Education; Teacher Aide-ISSD/Choices; Teacher Aide-Title I; Librarian Aide-Elem.; Food Service Manager; Food Service Secretary; Cafeteria Site Food Service Manager; Food Service Cook; Food Service Van Driver; Transportation Supervisor; Maintenance Supervisor; Custodial Supervisor; Custodian

What's Happening:


Prospective Employees

  Fingerprinting of Prospective Employees

To complete your pre-employment background check, you'll need to get fingerprinted at our Human Resource office located at 901 Douglas Ave.
To be fingerprinted, bring a valid photo ID and $44.00 in the form of a money order made out to: 3M Cogent.

Useful Links

-US Department of Labor:  www.dol.gov

-NM Department of Workforce Solutions:  www.dws.state.nm.us

-NM Public Education Department:  www.ped.state.nm.us

-NM Educational Retirement Board:  www.nmerb.org

-NM Workers' Compensation Administration:  www.workerscomp.state.nm.us

-NM Attorney General's Office: www.nmag.gov