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Director of Curriculum and Instruction

POSITION:                           Director of Curriculum and Instruction

DATE OF POSTING:           April 13, 2018

DEADLINE DATE:               Until Filled

SUPERVISOR:                     Superintendent – Immediate Supervisor



Coordinate and administer all curriculum/instruction in the district. Make certain curriculum is aligned the New Mexico Common Core State Standards through the use of leadership, supervisory and administrative skills in order to promote the educational development and success of each student.



  1. Current New Mexico Administrative License
  2. Masters Degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  3. Minimum of three (3) years successful teaching experience.
  4. Ability to speak with clarity and poise.
  5. Communicate accurately and effectively with both oral and written communication.
  6. Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  7. Ability to work independently without close supervision.
  8. Possess high level energy, enthusiasm, and personal initiative.
  9. Ability to work cooperatively with teachers, staff and administrators.
  10. Possess strong participatory management and high level of leadership abilities.
  11. Ability to collect, analyze and utilize data in decision making and in developing instructional programs.
  12. Demonstrates cooperativeness and a willingness to carry-out assigned tasks and performance responsibility.
  13. Knowledgeable about or experience involving school administration and school finances.



  1. Comply with the state approved Code of Ethics of the Education Profession and uphold and enforce department/unit rules, administrative directives and regulations, Board Policy, and State and Federal regulations.
  2. Understand and communicate supporting implementation of New Mexico Common Core State Standards.
  3. Provides leadership in conducting needs assessment and setting school goals; analyze and understand student assessment data and effectively use it to inform actions within district.
  4. Develop and foster community connections that will enhance the educational experience of all students.
  5. Responsible for an effective and efficient instructional program in cooperation with each building principal. Organize and direct a program of curriculum improvement for Las Vegas City Schools. Program will involve evaluation of school program, observation and evaluation of teachers, preparation of curriculum guides, coordination and articulation between subject areas and grade levels and selection of textbooks and other instructional materials in cooperation with principals and teachers.
  6. Serve as consultant to the staff on all matters regarding curriculum and instruction, assessment and accountability, and those areas indicated by the Superintendent. Responsible for working with building principals in providing for supervision of instruction and assessment and evaluation.
  7. Assist with Development of the Annual Accountability report with the assistance of the Principal(s) and supervise/oversee the entering an aggregation of data on Accountability Data System/Power School/Visions or any other Data system adopted by the school district.
  8. Evaluate School Improvement Plans for alignment with the District’s Goals and Assure the Implementation of Strategies to accomplish them.
  9. Collaborate with principals and other directors in developing and ensuring the implementation of any Corrective Action Plans that individual school sites might have to develop for the Public Education Department.
  10. Develop and Schedule all In-service/Professional Development training for the ensuing school year with collaboration of the principals/directors.
  11. Report regularly to the Superintendent regarding the ongoing status report and/or any developments or problems within the district coming to his/her attention and requiring the Superintendents awareness or action.
  12. Implement general screening and Students Assistance Team Plan (SAT) and amend and/or review SAT Manuals as necessary.
  13. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget with respect to programs that he/she oversees.
  14. Oversee, review, and amend the School District’s Mentoring Plan.
  15. Will assist in negotiations for the Administration team with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  16. Keep abreast of educational developments, trends and research.
  17. Plan/arrange for extension classes, workshops, and other in-service education activities.
  18. Make recommendations to the Superintendent as to employment, dismissal and assignment of teaching personnel when requested to do so. The recommendations shall be in cooperation with each principal.
  19. Responsible for overseeing the ordering/purchasing all testing material in the district and disseminating to all the schools.
  20. Edit and provide for the publication of curriculum materials developed by school personnel.
  21. Conduct research and study projects as may be helpful in securing information for the improvement of the instructional program.
  22. Work with the school nurse on the health program, schedule of duties and reports. Health program shall conform to the standards of the Public Education Department and Department of Health.
  23. Assist principals with the completion of questionnaires and reports required by the Public Education Department and others dealing with curriculum, assessment, evaluation, attendance, class enrollments, personnel and other aspects of the instructional program.
  24. Work with principals, counselors, and teachers to obtain and interpret data/assessment information for the purpose of improving instruction.
  25. Submit application for the Elementary Fine Arts grant and oversee the budget compliance and implantation of programs for the grant.
  26. Safeguard the confidentiality of privileged information.
  27. Organize and coordinate employee orientation as approved by Superintendent.
  28. Perform other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Superintendent.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: As approved by the Superintendent

SALARY: As per district salary schedule

EVALUATION: Performance of the job will be conducted by the Superintendent



  1. Professional Application
  2. Letter of Interest
  3. Resume
  4. Five letters of reference
  5. Copy of New Mexico Administrative License
  6. Copy of Transcripts



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Phone (505) 454-5700



Las Vegas City Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, age, sex, marital status or handicap in compliance with federal and state laws.


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