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Head Girls Track Coach

POSITION:                 Head Girls Track Coach

DATE OF POSTING:  July 9, 2018

DEADLINE DATE:      Until Filled

SUPERVISOR:           Director of Co-Curricular Activities – Immediate Supervisor

                                    Superintendent – General Supervisor



To establish and maintain an athletic program of the highest caliber in the sport(s) to which assigned.



  1. Current NM Public Education Department Athletic Coaching License
  2. Demonstrated interest and aptitude for performing the task of Head Coach



  1. Comply with the state approved Code of Ethics of the Education Profession and uphold and enforce department/unit rules, administrative directives and regulations, Board Policy, and State and Federal regulations.
  2. Help each participating student achieve a high level of skill, an appreciation for the values of discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and an increased level of self-esteem.
  3. Assist in the screening, employment, supervising and assignment of assistant coaches in his/her major sport.
  4. Be responsible for helping represent the district in his/her major sport.
  5. Be responsible for a coordinated program, in cooperation with the Director of Co-Curricular Activities, in grades 8-12 in his/her major sport.
  6. Monitor effective working relationship with junior high school coaches in his/her major sport.
  7. Supervise the overall program to which the head coach is assigned in cooperation with the Director of Co-Curricular Activities and the principal.
  8. Coach individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in the activity involved.
  9. Plan and schedule a regular program of practice in season.
  10. Work closely with the Director of Co-Curricular Activities in scheduling interscholastic contests.
  11. Monitor the response to all rules and regulations   in all activities to which they are assigned responsibilities.
  12. Recommend purchase of equipment, supplies, and uniforms, as appropriate.
  13. Maintain necessary attendance forms, proof of insurance records, physical records, code of ethics, parent permission forms, and similar paper work.
  14. Oversee the safety condition of the facility or area in which assigned sport and/or activity is conducted at all times that students are present.
  15. Establish additional performance criteria for eligibility in interscholastic competition in his/her sport and or activity.
  16. Enforce discipline and sportsmanship behavior at all times, and establish and oversee penalties for breach of such standards by individual students.
  17. Prepare and submit to the athletic office:
  18. A list of all athletes participating in your program at least two weeks before the first contest (for eligibility purposes).
  19. A list of lettermen in your program at the end of the season. (Requirements for lettering are determined by each head coach in their particular sport).
  20. A complete inventory of equipment at the end of the season.
  21. Compile and distribute to Principal, faculty members, and attendance office, a list of athletes that are to be excused from school on each road trip.
  22. Call transportation 2-3 days in advance of all road trips to confirm the date and time of your scheduled departure.
  23. Provide a safe keeping for valuables during practice and game time.
  24. See that all athletes under his/her jurisdiction are well informed as to all athletic eligibility rules and regulations.
  25. Limit the time athletes will be out of school to a minimum.
  26. See   that   no student   in his/her   program   participates   in more   than   the maximum   number   of games/contest than is permitted.
  27. Be knowledgeable   of rules and regulations regarding his/her sport as presented in the NMAA handbook.
  28. Conduct him/herself, when serving in the capacity as a representative of the district, in a manner that will not cause any embarrassment to the team, school, or community. Demand the same expectations of all of his/her assistant coaches.
  29. Knowledge and training in first aid procedures should be required for handling athletic related injuries in their particular sport(s).
  30. Perform other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary by immediate supervisor and/or the Superintendent.

NOTE:   While many of the aforementioned responsibilities may be delegated to an assistant coach, it remains the head coach’s responsibility to see that his/her program is in total compliance.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: As approved by the Superintendent



  1. Classified Application
  2. Letter of Interest
  3. Resume
  4. Copy of valid NMPED Athletic Coaching License



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