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Scholarship Opportunities

Google Scholarships in North America - Now accepting applications!

http://googleforstudents.blogspot.com/2012/01/google-scholarships-in-north-america.html> (Google Student Blog):

As part of Google’s ongoing commitment to advancing computing and technology, we are pleased to support the work of our partner organizations in providing scholarships to students studying computer science.   For complete details on all of our scholarships, please visit www.google.com/jobs/scholarships<

New Mexico Lottery Scholarship Info

Free Scholarship Search Engines

Fast Web:      
www.fastweb.com/                    SRNetwork:          www.srnexpress.com/

Free Info:      www.freschinfo.com/                 SallieMae:             www.cashe.com

Information: www.scholarship-page.com/    FinAid:                   www.finaid.org/scholarships

College Net: www.collegenet.com/                 Plato:                      www.plato.org/

Go College:  www.gocollege.com/                   FastAid:                www.fastaid.com/

Merit Aid:     www.meritaid.com

Useful Web Sites

College Board                                                   www.collegeboard.org/fundfinder/htmlssrchtop.html

Hispanic College Fund, Inc.                            www.hispanicfund.org/

Hispanic Scholarship Fund                            www.hsf.net/

Bill Gates Millenium (Minority) Scholars    www.gmsp.org/

Hope Scholarship                                            www.ed.gov/inits/hope

Preparing & Paying for College                    www.collegeispossible.org/

Paying for College                                           www.collegeview.com/finaid

Children’s Scholarship Fund                         www.scholarshipfund.org/

Scholarship Scams & Services                    www.finaid.org/finaid/scams.html

Embark                                                               www.embark.com/

The National Co-op Scholarship Program   www.co-op.edu


Selective Service Info                                       www.sss.gov/

Veteran’s Home Page                                      www.va.gov/benefits/Education/default.htm

G.I. Bill. (For Veteran’s & dependents)         www.gibillexpress.com/

Need a Lift?                                                         www.needalift.org

Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation       (609) 921-3534

Veteran’s Ed. Customer Service               (800) 442-4551

Veteran’s Guidance                                      (800) 827-1000

Army Emergency Relief Foundation          (703) 960-3982

Armed Forces Benefit Association            (800) 776-2322

Air Force Aid Society                                     (202) 692-9305

Paying for College Resource Guide - Download information packet by clicking on title to open printable pdf file.